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Restaurant Chez Marcene offers the best deserts your money can buy

  • Strawberry ice cake Most popular desert

    Strawberry ice cake and Gruyère cheese

  • Apple ice desert

    Made with love for you from our chef.

  • Mousse au chocolat

    If you love creamy, rich, dark Ivorian chocolate, then Mousse Au Chocolat is for you.

  • Tarte aux pommes

    An apple pie or apple tart made by Marcene will make you enjoy.


Mains dishes cooked with the African dexterity and with unmatched taste.

  • Seed sauce Marcene recommends

    Exquisite seed sauce with crushed plantain. Locally called foutou-sauce graine

  • Grilled fish Should try

    Excellent grilled fish made with love for you from chef Marcene.

  • Ivorian Fish Stew

    Ivorian Fish Stew with an unmatched taste. You could order rice, or plantain with it

  • Grilled chicken with fries

    Excellent Grilled chicken with fries or alloco as a side order.

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